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Hello, my name is Becky Anderson. I've been crossdressing for over fifty years and have been out to my wife now for over three years. I joined Sigma Nu Rho in October of 2004 in search of answers to some of the nagging questions we all have and to meet and make new friends who share in our gift. It is my wish to be an active member of Sigma Nu Rho. Together we can grow and mature.

Hi everyone. I'm Cheryl, a mature (don't ask, I'm not telling you) Jersey girl who has finally been able to use my closet for my clothes instead of a hiding place. Like so many I began when I was very young, went through all the buy/guilt/purge cycles and felt for so many years that I was the only one in the world like this.

I have since found Tri-Ess and took that first big step taking advantage of the peace, security and friendship it affords.

December of 2005 I made the decision that I needed to express and explore this side of my personality. Even though my wife has known for quite some time, it was never the Right time till then. We talked and talked and talked some more. We explored the Net and all the regions of this secret world of mine. She read articles and stories and asked questions which I had always been too scared to answer until then.

She has been incredibly supportive, always loving, and provided invaluable assistance both emotionally and with my feminine expression and appearance. My blessings are too numerous to count.

If you are in your closet and peeking out to find a safe haven come experience what awaits you in Tri-Ess. We are all in the same boat and can move much faster if we have more rowing, than watching from shore.".

Stacy. I'm still working on the bio; just 'cause I'm living it doesn't mean I can remember it.